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Defence Industry and Space
Copernicus Etna
The European Union in Space

We craft policies and implement the EU Space Programme to tackle some of today's most pressing challenges like climate change, while helping to stimulate technological innovation.

Our role 

A Strategic European Approach for Space
Our European Approach for Space

The Union's first ever Space Programme 

The EU Space Programme is the first integrated space programme created by the European Union to support its space policy, address societal challenges such as climate change and technological innovation, support the EU internal market – and more. The European Space Programme implements space activities in the fields of Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Connectivity, Space Research and Innovation. It encourages and supports innovation and competitiveness through investments in critical infrastructures and disruptive technologies.

Discover the EU Space Programme components

Satellite navigation, made in Europe
Europe's regional satellite navigation system
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Robust satellite communications for governmental users
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Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity and Security by Satellite

More actions in space


Boosting entrepreneurship

Launch into space with CASSINI

Research, Development & Innovation
Research, Development & Innovation

Maintaining the EU a space excellence hub