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The Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) at a glance 

ASAP in detail

ASAP is a direct response to the European Council’s call in March 2023 to urgently deliver ammunition, and missiles if requested, to Ukraine and to help Member States refill their stocks by introducing targeted measures.

Aimed at enabling ramp-up of ammunition production capacity across Europe, ASAP constitutes the track 3 (industrial part) of the so-called three-track approach of the ammunition plan agreed by the Council. 

This Regulation aims at strengthening the responsiveness and ability of the Union defence industry to ensure the timely supply of ammunition and missiles in Europe.

Providing financial support to produce more and faster

The regulation includes measures to support the industrial reinforcement throughout the supply chains of ammunition and missiles in the EU. Financial support will be provided in the form of grants to various types of actions contributing to the efforts of the European defence industry to increase their production capacities and tackle identified bottlenecks.

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