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News article15 March 2023

European Defence Fund: Commission selects for funding first-ever project enabling outreach and collaboration for EDF National Focal Points


The European Commission has selected for funding the Enhancing Opportunities for All project following the evaluation of the open call: Support to the European Defence Fund National Focal Point (NFP) network.

The project involves 20 entities from 16 Member States and Norway that are part of, or affiliated to, the Network of EDF National Focal Points (NFPs). DG DEFIS set up this network in 2021 and it includes entities coming from ministries of defence, innovation agencies, defence industry clusters or associations nominated by Member States as contact points to support the implementation of the European Defence Fund programme at a national level.

Through the Enhancing Opportunities for All project, NFPs will strengthen their assistance to national EDF stakeholders and act as a network that can jointly develop actions at EU level.

The EU will fully fund the project with EUR 1.5 million[1] over 3 years, allowing the NFP Network to develop outreach tools, plan matchmaking and knowledge sharing events. This will enable NFPs to more effectively reach out to stakeholders, notably applicants and potential applicants, provide information and advice to potential applicants and beneficiaries of the EDF programme and assist in building partnerships, throughout the EDF life cycle.

In view of the cross-border nature of the project it is expected to improve the services of the NFPs from all Member States and Norway.

For more information:

15 MARCH 2023
EDF22_EOA-NFP - Factsheet
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[1] Estimated cost: EUR 1.499.458,73


Publication date
15 March 2023