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Defence Industry and Space
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EDIP | The Future of Defence

The European Defence Industry Programme at a glance

EDIP in detail

EDIP is a Regulation proposed by the Commission to start implementing concrete measures identified in European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS)

The regulation aims to bridge the gap between the ending of the short-term emergency measures such as ASAP and EDIRPA and ensure the EU’s defence industrial readiness for the future. 

EDIP is a unique opportunity to put in place specific measures to address challenges faced by the European defence industry such as the security of the defence supply chain and the support of the Ukrainian defence industry.

EDIP has been transmitted to the co-legislators (European Parliament and Council) following the ordinary legislative procedure. The co-legislators will now discuss the regulation proposal with a view to its adoption and entry into force.

EDIS and EDIP: pieces of the same defence puzzle

Both the European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS) and the European Defence Industry Programme (EDIP) aim to enhance the Union's defence industrial readiness and reinforce its capacity to protect its citizens. EU allies and partners may also benefit from these initiatives including NATO and Ukraine.

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