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News article5 May 2023

EU Defence Research Project TALOS demonstrates laser technology applications

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TALOS (Tactical Advanced Laser Optical System), is an EU-funded defence project selected under the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR).

Last week, the TALOS consortium held a Demonstration Day, showing the results achieved by the European project.

Successfully developing an interoperable compact design laser

Two demonstrators were presented: a high power amplifier at eye-safer wavelength and an innovative propagation demonstrator allowing highly efficient coherent combining on target.

TALOS led to the development of compact design laser technologies able to quickly and precisely neutralize an agile target, for instance a Rocket Artillery and Mortar (RAM) or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), while significantly minimizing collateral damages.

The solution enables interoperability as it could be integrated on different platforms (maritime, land and air payloads). TALOS also included a legal and safety regulation analysis relevant for the military use of a high-power energy laser.

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Addressing capability shortfalls and paving the way to future capability research

There is an emerging need to invest in high-power Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW) technologies that can deliver precise effects on evolving threats. High-power LDEW systems have the potential to change the course of future conflicts and offer game-changing operational capabilities.

Non-EU countries have already started to work on demonstrators of compact high-power laser effectors able to generate over 100 kW. The study conducted by TALOS is directly contributing to such a need for a more power-effective capability, relying on architectures that combine coherent beams on the target and that would de independent from non-EU country suppliers.

The fully European technologies deriving from the TALOS Project are viewed to be promising, delivering a proof of concept for a LDEW effector and a roadmap for future research and development activities.

About the Project

TALOS is led by CILAS in a consortium composed of 16 beneficiaries from 9 European countries, bringing together a mix of industrial and academic capabilities.

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The TALOS project was selected under the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) with the main objectives to foster EU’s defence strategic autonomy and to ensure alignment of the defence capabilities in Europe.

Under the PADR, it was funded with €5,3 million, enabling fully the development of this project.


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Publication date
5 May 2023