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News article24 June 20221 min read

Zero-Emission Aviation: Commission launches new Alliance to make hydrogen-powered and electric aircraft a reality


Today, the Commission officially launches the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation, calling on the members of the aviation community to join forces in preparing for the advent of zero emission aircraft. The Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation aims to prepare the aviation ecosystem for the entry into service of hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft, to ensure that air transport contributes to Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. It will gather representatives of aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, energy companies and fuel providers, standardisation and certification agencies, passenger and environmental interest groups and regulators. They will jointly work to identify all barriers to the entry into commercial service of these aircraft, establish recommendations and a roadmap to address them, promote investment projects and create synergies and momentum amongst members. In particular, the members will look at issues such as the fuel and infrastructure requirements of hydrogen and electric aircraft at airports, standardisation and certification, and the implications for operators (airlines) and air traffic management. The Alliance will eventually deliver on the commitment to align the sector with the EU’s climate ambition, goals, and other related policies. The international dimension of the sector is also a major element, as tackling climate change is a global effort. For more information, please consult our press release


Publication date
24 June 2022