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Defence Industry and Space
News announcement28 September 2023

Targeted stakeholder consultation on EU legislative initiative on safety, resilience and sustainability of space activities ("EU Space Law")


On the 13th of September 2023, in the framework of the State of the Union, President von der Leyen presented Commission priorities for 2024.

The Letter of intent includes an initiative for an EU Space Law (EUSL). The legislative proposal could be adopted by the Commission in the first trimester of 2024. It envisages common EU rules addressing the safety, resilience and sustainability of space activities and operations. It intends to avoid and remove fragmentation and barriers across the single market caused by the heterogeneity or lack of national space legislations, while ensuring the competitiveness of the European space sector in an international trade context.

To this end, the European Commission is launching a Targeted consultation to gather stakeholders views on aspects to be covered and impacts of the policy options considered, in line with the Better Regulation rules.

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Publication date
28 September 2023