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Defence Industry and Space
News article30 May 20231 min read

Space: IRIS² procurement enters next phase

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Today, the Commission enters the second phase of the procurement procedure for a concession contract to design, develop and operate the IRIS² the Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity and Security by Satellite. During the first phase which lasted from 23 March to 26 April 2023, the Commission invited the industry to submit their proposals. During this phase, eligibility and participation conditions of the tenderers were evaluated.

In this second phase, the selected consortium is asked to submit initial proposals addressing the scope of the concession contract, in particular in terms of design, cost, schedule and private sector investment. This phase will be important for consolidating the tenderers’ supply chain, also as regards SMEs and start-ups.

In order to ensure the security and autonomy of IRIS², the Commission will continuously monitor throughout the procurement process any changes in the structure of participating companies, so as to ensure that the eligibility and participation conditions are respected.

The Commission will ensure that the objectives of the programme, including its worldwide coverage with a focus on geographical areas of strategic interest such as Africa and the Arctic, its highly secure features, its focus on innovative and disruptive technologies are kept at the forefront.

This second phase is due to be finalised in autumn this year and will be followed by a final third phase consisting in the request of a best and final offer.



Publication date
30 May 2023