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Defence Industry and Space
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EDIS | Our common defence industrial strategy

The European Defence Industrial Strategy at a glance

EDIS in detail

Following a comprehensive consultation process with key stakeholders, the Commission and the High Representative, in coordination with the European Defence Agency, present the first-ever European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS). The strategy had been announced by Commission President von der Leyen during her 2023 State of the Union speech.

Faced with the return of high intensity warfare in Europe, following Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine in 2022, the Union must swiftly enhance its defence readiness. 

EDIS is a joint communication of the Commission and the High Representative that sets a vision for the European defence industrial policy until 2035 and announces the following actions:

  • Strengthen the EDTIB through increased, more collaborative and European investment from Member States;
  • Improve the responsiveness of the European defence industry under any circumstances and time horizon;
  • Mainstream a defence readiness culture, including across EU policies;
  • Team up with our strategic, like-minded and international partners.

How did we prepare this Industrial Strategy?

EDIS follows a comprehensive consultation process with Member States, defence industry, the financial sector and think tanks/academia conducted by the Commission services, together with the European External Action Service in coordination with the European Defence Agency, to inform and enrich the preparation work of this industrial Strategy. 

The consultation was based on thematic issue papers and informed by contributions from stakeholders during a series of events (workshops and meetings). Written contributions were also received from numerous stakeholders. In total, 12 workshops were held over a three-month period. In total, the Commission and the High Representative received more than 270 written contributions from over 90 different stakeholders. Furthermore, in order to consider how best to integrate Ukrainian industry considerations into EDIS, a dedicated meeting was organised with Ukraine’s representatives, who also provided further written contributions.

Useful Resources 

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