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Defence Industry and Space
News article16 May 2022

Signature of a Copernicus Arrangement between the Canadian Space Agency and the European Commission


Today the Commission signs a Copernicus Arrangement with the Canadian Space Agency. Copernicus is the EU’s Earth Observation programme. The aim of the Arrangement is to share each other’s satellite Earth Observation data on the basis of reciprocity. This Arrangement will provide mutual benefits. On the one hand, the Canadian Space Agency intend to provide end-users in Canada with a facilitated and simplified access to data from Copernicus. On the other hand, Copernicus services deliver near-real-time data on a global level through satellite and in situ systems like ground based sensors. With access to such systems from Canada, Copernicus services will be better and more precise. The Copernicus Arrangement will contribute a reinforced cooperation with Canada in several areas, especially on the Arctic region and on climate action. The signature of the Arrangement is followed by a High-Level Meeting between the Canadian Space Agency and the Commission to discuss future opportunities for space cooperation.


Publication date
16 May 2022