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News article6 December 20231 min read

Shaping the future of European Defence with EDIS: consultation open to think tanks and academia

EDIS Consultation think tanks & academia


On 27 October 2023, the Commission, in close cooperation with the High Representative, launched a comprehensive consultation process with targeted groups of stakeholders to draw insights for the upcoming European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS).

As European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen stated during the State of the Union 2023, “Europe’s defence industry is running at maximum speed, but it is not enough. Because to empower Ukraine’s deterrence, we must step up the production of our capabilities, military capabilities.”

In this spirit, the Commission is working on a European defence industry strategy investigating how we can support our industry by ramping up the production of critical equipment.

This new ‘European defence industry strategy’ intends to boost the production of critical equipment but also to enhance European cooperation. The strategy looks to address -beyond ammunition- areas such as air defence, maritime space, and cyber among others.

EDIS will give further impulse to developing Member States’ defence capabilities, underpinned by a modern and resilient European defence technological and industrial base, establishing a strategic framework for the coming years. 


Academia and think tanks at the heart of EDIS 

To ensure its effectiveness and inclusivity, EDIS is being prepared in close consultation with Member States, the European Parliament, the defence industry, financial institutions, and academic experts in the field. A comprehensive engagement process will run for the next three months. This will include written submissions and consultative workshops with stakeholders.

DG DEFIS is requesting written inputs from think tank members, academia, and experts with relevant research expertise in the field of European defence industrial policy to contribute to this comprehensive consultation process. Your valuable insights will help shape the future of European defence.

The consultation focuses on four key challenges for EDIS:

  1. Investing better and together
  2. Strengthening our industry’s competitiveness
  3. Enhancing our security of supply on the Internal Market
  4. Mainstreaming defence readiness culture in EU policies


The clock is ticking!

The deadline for submissions is December 29, 2023. Insights from academic experts will be instrumental in crafting the EDIS, which is expected to be presented in early 2024 and will help consolidate the European defence industrial base beyond 2025.

More information can be found on the dedicated consultation page.

See documents related to the call for written inputs below:

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Call for Written inputs_Academia
General publications1 December 2023
Privacy Statement - Call for written inputs



Publication date
6 December 2023