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SERVICE CONTRACT: H2020: SAR/GALILEO Return Link Service Evolutions: Two Way Communication Service Prototype and Demonstration

Open procedure

Deadline: 08/10/2020

Contract notice:



Number:  DEFIS/2020/OP/0003 – H2020:  SAR/GALILEO Return Link Service Evolutions: Two Way Communication Service Prototype and Demonstration


The objective of the project is to set-up a system prototype demonstration of the SAR/Galileo Return Link Service TWC Services and to develop and validate a prototype of Second Generation Beacon (SGB) with the following functionality:

  • The total scope shall encompass a prototype phase for such service implementation using Cospas-Sarsat Second Generation Beacons (SGB).
  • Based on the outcome of the Garelise project (requirements, architecture, preliminary design and operational concepts), and the additional details introduced in this ITT, the project shall develop a system prototype demonstration including a test with the existing Galileo RLS infrastructure.
  • The project shall develop and validate a prototype of a TWC SGB beacon and perform a test campaign to demonstrate the functionality and evaluate system performances.
  • The project shall include a cost benefit analysis to implement the beacon MMI via a remote connection to the beacon (wearable device, tablet, smartphone).
  •  Careful attention shall be paid to the security aspects in the specification and design of the interface (at RCC, UIF, RLSP level).
  • The test and demonstration of the functionality on the Galileo RLS infrastructure has to be performed with no impact on the operational Return Link Service performances and shall not introduce security threat to the operational system.
  • Specific analysis shall be performed in coordination with the user community (SAR forces) on the definition of the scenario, list of questions/answers and to the algorithm which will manage the questions and answers at beacon side (potential automatic sequences based on responses…). The objective is to minimize the traffic over the system  reducing the number of exchanges necessary and safeguarding the flexibility of the questions. Several solutions might be investigated and a trade-off presented. The idea being to be able to activate with a single command from RCC different list of questions and collect the answers with minimum number of messages and bandwidth use.
  • The coding protocol solution(s) shall be presented.
  • Specification of the elements and interfaces to support the demonstration and of the requirements related to the TWC for the final version of the system.
  • Analysis and proposal of the changes needed at Cospas-Sarsat specification level to support the RLS TWC service shall be presented.
  • The concept shall demonstrate the possibility to reduce the latency of the system with regards to the RLS Type 1 (today meeting 15 minutes from RL request to RLM delivery).

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