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Defence Industry and Space
Novinový článok20. júla 2022

Results of the EDF 2021 Calls for Proposals: EU invests €1.2 billion in 61 defence industrial cooperation projects


Following the first-ever calls for proposals under the European Defence Fund (EDF), 61 collaborative defence research and development projects with a total EU support of €1.2 billion are selected for funding. Almost 700 entities will be participating in the selected projects, of which SMEs represent 43%.

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With the selected proposals, the EDF will support high-end defence capability projects such as the next generation of aircraft fighters, tanks and ships, as well as critical defence technologies such as military cloud, AI, semiconductors, space, cyber or medical counter- measures. It will also spearhead disruptive technologies, notably in quantum technologies and new materials and tap into promising SMEs and start-ups.

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The Commission services will now enter into grant agreement preparations with the selected consortia of applicants. The associated Commission award decision and the signature of the grant agreements with the successful consortia are expected before the end of the year.


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