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News article27 October 2023

Promising results from the beneficiaries of CASSINI Space entrepreneurship initiative.



On 24-25 October startup companies from CASSINI Matchmaking participated in a pitching session at the Engaged Investments Conference in Prague (CZ).

Following an introduction by the European Union agency for the Space Programme EUSPA, the following companies had the opportunity to present their product and their growth strategy to the investors and Venture capital representatives present in the audience:

  • Ntention - Capturing human intent, understanding the intent of the user and translating it to machines. A system of interaction between the people and the machines that is user centered – not machine centered.
  • Dreamwaves - Helps blind people, urban bike riders or elderly people find their way just by following sounds, without looking at the screen by using spatial audio and advanced augmented reality technology to create the best audio navigation experience.
  • Orbify - Geospatial Data Platform that automates the analysis of satellite imagery through AI and ML models to streamline the measurement and assessment of natural assets, providing environmental insights.


picture CASSINI Matchmaking


Business Accelerator:

The same week, the CASSINI Business Accelerator held its Demo Day, where the first batch of 20 companies graduated from the programme.

The 20 companies demonstrated considerable progress during the 6 months training phase and several startups noticed significant improvement of their sales and order books following inputs and the assistance from the coaches.

CBA statements

As part of the Accelerator, entrepreneurs benefited from:

  • A coaching programme with expertise about space tech and space markets;
  • Focus on business development and sales;
  • Advice and help with fine-tuning their customer relationships, pricing models, and scaling up resources;
  • Networking with the other entrepreneurs, particularly making new contacts in countries across the EU.

The 2nd batch of companies selected for the next phase of the accelerator will be announced soon!



CASSINI Hackathon

Next weekend 3-5 November the 6th CASSINI Hackathon will invite participants to dive into some of the critical challenges faced by millions of people around the world, as innovators and problem solvers from across Europe will have to develop sustainable space solutions supporting international development and humanitarian activities.

As for the previous editions, three winners will receive 6 months of expert mentoring from notable professionals in the space industry.

Hackathons will take place simultaneously across 10 different locations on 3-5 November 2023, more info available here.



Publication date
27 October 2023