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Defence Industry and Space
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New European Defence Industrial Strategy

Stakeholder Engagement

Policy field: Defence industry

Consultation period: From 27.10.2023 to 29.12.2023

On 27 October 2023, the Commission, in close cooperation with the High Representative, launched a comprehensive consultation process with targeted groups of stakeholders to inform the new European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS), as announced by President von der Leyen in her 2023 State of the Union.


Objective of the consultation:

As announced in the recent Press Release, the strategy will build on the Defence Investment Gap Analysis, the experience of the European Defence Fund and other EU defence instruments, as well as the recent initiatives to enhance joint procurement between Member States and to ramp up industrial capacity to support Ukraine. EDIS will give further impulse to developing Member States’ defence capabilities, underpinned by a modern and resilient European defence technological and industrial base, establishing a strategic framework for the coming years. This will not only allow Member States to restock and acquire new defence equipment but also strengthen the European Union as a security and defence actor in the long-term, in line with the ambition set out in the Strategic Compass. Against this backdrop, the strategy will reflect on four main themes: defence investment, defence industry competitiveness, enhancing security of supply and mainstreaming defence readiness culture in EU policies.


Target groups:

To achieve these objectives, EDIS is being prepared by consulting and engaging with the following target groups:

  • Member States,
  • Defence Industry (the Commission expert group on policies and programmes relevant to EU space, defence and aeronautics industry as well as national and EU defence  industry associations)
  • Financial sector
  • Think tanks and Academia. See Call for written inputs and its privacy statement below:
General publications1 December 2023
Call for Written inputs_Academia
General publications1 December 2023
Privacy Statement - Call for written inputs

In parallel, the European Commission regularly informs relevant EU institutions (Council, European Parliament, including SEDE and ITRE committees).

The process is structured along two main pillars:

  1. Organization of workshops,
  2. Invitation to submit written feedback;

You are not part of the target group but want to contribute? You can!

In case you want to contribute to the consultation on the new European Defence Industrial Strategy, please use the following email address DEFIS-EDIS-CONSULTATIONatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (DEFIS-EDIS-CONSULTATION[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu) to submit your written contribution.

How to submit your contribution:

While no specific template is provided for the written contribution from non-target groups, interested stakeholders are kindly invited to provide a maximum 100 words overview/abstract/summary of their contribution and indicate which of the following topic(s) is/are addressed:

1.         Investing better and together

2.         Adapting the Union’s defence industrial base

3.         Enhancing our security of supply on the Internal Market

4.         Mainstreaming defence readiness culture in EU policies


Deadline for written inputs is set for 29 December 2023.


Reference documents:

General publications7 December 2023
EDIS - Overall consultation paper
General publications7 December 2023
EDIS - Issues Paper 2
General publications7 December 2023
EDIS - Issues paper 3
General publications7 December 2023
EDIS - Issues paper 4
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