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Defence Industry and Space
News article5 May 20221 min read

Key outcomes of the EISF launch event on 26 April 2022


On 26 April 2022 DG DEFIS launched the European Union Industry and Start-ups Forum on STM (EISF) in close collaboration with the European Space Surveillance and Tracking (EU SST) Consortium.

In view of the recently adopted Joint Communication on STM, the Forum aimed at fostering the innovation and competitiveness of the SSA’s commercial sector to achieve a higher level of strategic autonomy in Europe. The forum's clear ambition is to ensure that all the potential capabilities and innovation offered by European companies, including start-ups, are used in building upon the public services delivered by EU SST. However, it also serves as a transparent mechanism, teaming up the European Union’s space industry and start-ups with the EU SST and DG DEFIS’ policy-makers in regular and constructive dialogue.

EISF aims at turning STM strategy into implementation, more specifically supporting the implementation of actions 2, 3 and 4 of the Joint Communication on STM, in coordination with the EU SST Consortium, namely:

  • Action 2: improve the performance of existing services, develop new services and foster technology.
  • Action 3: initiate specific actions in the framework of CASSINI to reap the full innovation potential of start-ups.
  • Action 4: make accessible to industry by 2023 parts of the data sharing platform; and by 2025 parts of the future EU SST catalogue.

The main outcomes of the EISF launch event were two folded:

DG DEFIS, EU STT and Eurospace acknowledge STM as an opportunity for European industry and draw conclusions on how to make best use of innovation in the field of SST.

On another note, the discussion puts a clear emphasis on synergies with other EU initiatives fostering commercial and funding opportunities, namely the European Defence Fund, CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship and In Orbit Demonstration and Validation IOD/IOV initiatives.

Lastly, it paves the way to further exchange of ideas with industry representatives towards the way forward.


Presentations from the panelists are available in the “Key Events on STM” drop menu, on the Space Traffic Management webpage.


Publication date
5 May 2022