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Defence Industry and Space

Background Information

The upcoming Space Regulation proposes to establish GOVSATCOM as a component of the EU space programme. The GOVSATCOM initiative is in its development phase and several preparatory activities have been launched both at European level by the European Commission and its partners and at national level by Member States. These activities address a wide range of topics such as the identification of common governmental needs for secure satellite communications, a Preparatory Action for the development of GOVSATCOM Hubs, the prototyping of secure mission control systems and operations centres, the demonstration of the benefits of pooling and sharing capacities, and the development of new satellite capabilities.

The objectives, scope and definition of GOVSATCOM are subject to a set of reference documents [hyperlink to the “Reference Documents” page] which enable the various actors to share a common vision and understanding of the initiative. These documents consist of regulatory texts, user requirement specifications, impact assessment reports, etc.

Last but not least, a set of communication materials (e.g. videos, factsheets) have been produced to present the initiative to all the actors involved in GOVSATCOM as well as to EU citizens, who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the initiative through the increase of their safety and security.