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GOVSATCOM in a Nutshell

The objective of the GOVSATCOM initiative is to ensure the long-term availability of reliable, secured and cost-effective satellite communication (satcom) services to its users. Paving the way towards a new satcom solution for governmental applications, the initiative will benefit a broad range of EU and national entities in their day-to-day operations, and contribute to the security and safety of all EU citizens. It will ensure that the specific critical security needs of users are properly met by guaranteeing a free of charge access to available and robust satellite communication.

Its secure capacities will be used by a wide range of European and National authorities, whose missions relate to the supervision and the management of security-critical operations and infrastructures. This includes not only Union or Member State public authorities, but also natural or legal persons such as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) acting on behalf of the EU, as well as, under certain conditions, third countries and international organisations.

With a view to creating economies of scale and exploiting civil-military synergies, the GOVSATCOM system will be based on the aggregation of the demand from the different satcom user communities and on the pooling and sharing of the existing satcom offer. Its services will be accessible through GOVSATCOM Hubs, which will connect users with providers, optimising the available resources and guaranteeing access, even in unpredictable situations.