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Defence Industry and Space
News article31 October 20231 min read

EUropean HYpersonic DEFence Interceptor takes off

The EU HYDEF project, which focuses on a concept definition for a European interceptor is supported with EUR 100 million from the European Defence Fund (EDF).


The threat spectrum is rapidly evolving and also in the context of hypersonic attack missiles. A truly European interceptor capability would lead to an enhanced protection of the European territory and its citizens as well as potential areas of conflict and crises in which Europe would operate. Additionally, such a European interceptor capability would contribute to NATO making it more resilient.

A well-balanced consortium, including 14 industrial partners, will study for the next 36 months different key aspects of the system of systems like the concept of operations, system requirements and interfaces, and the interceptor such as propulsion, guidance navigation and control, communications, aerodynamics, and effectors.

The European Commission has entrusted the management of this project to the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) which, on 31 October 2023, signed with SMS - SISTEMAS DE MISILES DE ESPAÑA SL, as consortium coordinator, a Grant Agreement amounting to EUR 100 million from the EDF and, in parallel, an associated Linked Procurement Contract worth EUR 10 million on behalf of the EU HYDEF Participating States (i.e., Belgium, Germany, Norway, Poland and Spain).


Publication date
31 October 2023