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Defence Industry and Space
News article30 June 20221 min read

European Commission advancing Space R&I with €520 million over 2021-2022


This week, the European Commission informed the Member States about the upcoming award (grant agreements to be signed by mid-October) of €255 million for research and innovation projects in the area of Space. The corresponding Work Programme can be accessed here.

The €255 million will be allocated to a wide range of European actors, from large, medium and small-sized companies to SMEs and start-ups, research establishments, public entities, universities and other organizations for projects in the areas of:

  • Competitiveness of the European space system (including for example satellite communication and electrical propulsion);
  • Access to space for European actors (including for example reusable and low-cost launchers);
  • Evolution of the services of the earth observation system Copernicus;
  • Technological non-dependence;
  • Quantum space gravimetry;
  • Education & skills;
  • EGNSS (satellite navigation, mainly Galileo), Copernicus and GOVSATCOM use and applications.

The €255 million are part of a bigger budget of €520 million dedicated to Space R&I for 2021 and 2022 under the Horizon Europe programme.

In addition to calls for proposals, which are managed by the agencies HaDEA and EUSPA, part of the budget is allocated through other types of competitive tendering and granting for:

The space R&I support from the European Commission represents a major investment into the current and future uses and benefits for EU citizens and businesses of space-related technologies, services and applications!


Publication date
30 June 2022