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News article31 January 2023

Euronext Helios Space Index: the first stock index for Europe’s space industry

HELIOS Leaflet

Helios, the first stock index for Europe’s space industry, was launched on 24 January 2023 by Euronext in cooperation with European Commission, ESA and Promus Ventures.

More European venture capital funds invest in space companies, and the Commission has in partnership with EIF launched the CASSINI Investment Facility in 2022 to channel capital to funds focusing on upstream and downstream space. 

While VC funds typically provide up to €100 million, this is often the limit for private capital. To attract larger amounts of investment capital, a listing on a stock market is the next step.

Euronext Helios Space Index will improve the communication with investors on the performance of the European space industry and the significant investment opportunities in the coming years as Europe will build new space infrastructures and launch new digital services.

For investors, the index will be a tool to get instant information about the valuation of the European space industry. For listed companies, it will be a tool for better visibility. As startup companies mature, we are likely to see an increasing number of initial public offerings. To be included in the space index, companies need to show a high level of performance and an ability to meet the expectations of the investors.




Publication date
31 January 2023