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Defence Industry and Space
News article24 January 20241 min read

DG DEFIS announces two new initiatives aimed at improving the skills situation in the space sector


Today DG DEFIS has announced two new initiatives aimed at improving the skills situation in the space sector:

  • a Job Placement scheme called "Space Career Launchpad" to help university students and young graduates find internships and employment opportunities to gain hands-on experience in local space companies, and
  • CASSINI Space Summer Camp, targeting younger students (age group 14-18), to inspire them to pursue a career in the space sector.

These initiatives aim at addressing the shortage of expertise in the sector, and promoting its sustainable growth, in line with President Von der Leyen’s commitment on a European Year of Skills. The recent European Union Space Strategy for Security and Defence (EU SSSD) also highlighted the need for up-skilling and re-skilling activities to meet industry demand, fill the future skills gap, and increase female participation in the sector.

As we anticipate the growing need for professionals with scientific, engineering, and technical skills, particularly in the highly innovative space industry, it is essential to ensure that the next generation of professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and experience. This is where the Job Placement Scheme comes into play.

To ensure the success and effectiveness of the Space Career Launchpad, we are reaching out to our stakeholders in the industry and academia for their valuable input. We are launching an online survey to gather insights and suggestions that will help us better design the job placement scheme, with the goal of making it operational as of spring 2024.

We encourage all stakeholders to participate and share their thoughts on how we can best tailor the Space Career Launchpad to meet the needs of industry, academia, research community and ultimately support the professional development of university students.

Your input is highly valuable and will contribute to the success of this initiative. Together, we can work towards preparing the next generation of young professionals for the challenges and opportunities in the space industry.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration in shaping the future of our space industry.

Link to the survey: EUSurvey - Survey (


Publication date
24 January 2024