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Defence Industry and Space

CASSINI - Business development and networks

CASSINI Matchmaking – Europe-wide networking for new business opportunities

CASSINI Matchmaking will feature a series of matchmaking events for start-ups and SMEs starting in 2022. By participating in matchmaking events, start-ups and SMEs will expand their professional networks and find new product development partners, customers, and investors.

Each event will offer opportunities for both industrial partnering with large corporations and matchmaking with investors.

The thematic events will each year cover different business areas and have a good geographic coverage throughout Europe, and address different value chains. The themes planned for 2022 are currently:

  1. Infrastructure lifecycle support​: space services in support of infrastructures, helping to predict technical failures and maintenance needs, optimize utilization, monitor weather conditions and detect ground motion, for e.g. wind turbines, roads, buildings, train tracks, pipelines, etc.
  2. Defending & Securing from (and in) space​: already today space services are critical assets for defence and security operations, and will become ever more integrated, e.g. positioning and navigation, permanent earth observation, space situational awareness, and internet communication via satellite. 
  3. Space for human well-being, education, and entertainment​: consumers' day-to-day lives can benefit even more from space services, e.g. by using satellite data for smart devices to monitor human health & well-being, by developing space tech-based education tools, or by using data from space for gaming applications.
  4. Improving access to space​: innovative hardware and software solutions for the optimization and evolution of launch systems (both for launcher and ground infrastructure) are essential to facilitate the in-orbit delivery of space assets and bring to Earth the benefits generated by satellites systems.​

Companies interested in participating can enroll here (opens in March 2022):


CASSINI Business Accelerator

Getting strong market traction and executing on expansion plans can be harder than expected for start-ups and SMEs, but it is a crucial step to convince venture capital funds to invest.

CASSINI Business Accelerator will be an intensive 6-month action offering top-level business coaching, training, events and seed funding to improve start-up and scale-up companies’ ability to achieve sustained commercial growth.

Companies with space technology as well as digital applications are welcome to join. The accelerators providing the services have a long track record of helping European internet and ICT companies become stars – let’s learn from other markets and sectors. 

To be launched in Q3 2022. More information to follow.