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News article27 May 20242 min read

Call for tender for a Framework Contract setting up Business Accelerator and Matchmaking services under the EU Defence Innovation Scheme is now open!

Matchmaking and Business Accelerator - EUDIS

Today, the European Commission launched a call for tender for a Framework Contract (FwC) on a Business Accelerator and Matchmaking (BAMM) under the EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS) EU Funding & Tenders Portal ( EUDIS is an integral part of the European Defence Fund (EDF) that supports smaller and non-traditional players in the defence industry ecosystem. The deadline for submitting tenders for this call is 19 August 2024.

The Business Accelerator strengthens start-up and scale-up companies’ knowledge of defence end-users needs, and the companies’ business development and go-to-market capabilities. It will also help improve the companies’ access to financing, provide companies with a seed-financing voucher of EUR 65 000 per company and opportunities to meet with investors. Additionally, matchmaking events will strengthen the companies’ networks and engagement with end-users, investors, and corporates. The first round of the EUDIS Business Accelerator batch will support 20 companies and is planned to be initiated in the end of 2024. The ambition is to increase the support to more companies in the coming years. 

The EUDIS Matchmaking supports the implementation of the Defence Equity Facility ( It will allow SMEs and small mid-caps’ business development in improving their access to financing, business partners and end-users. Companies joining EUDIS Matchmaking will have the opportunity to participate in matchmaking events across the EU and online, involving investors, governmental representatives, and corporates. EUDIS Matchmaking will establish an online platform to support the development of an innovation ecosystem and facilitate networking. EUDIS Matchmaking will also provide capacity building to investors to give them insights on defence market and technologies and provided tailored support to companies for pitching.  

The maximum ceiling covering all purchases under the FWC for 2024-2028 is EUR 30 000 000. The maximum amount for the first specific contract of the EUDIS BAMM is EUR 3 200 000 (the maximum amount of the Business Accelerator is EUR 2 600 000 and EUR 600 000 for Matchmaking).  



The European Defence Fund (EDF) is set up to enhance the competitiveness, innovation, efficiency, and technological autonomy of the Union's defence industry. The EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS), which is an integral part of the EDF, aims to build a stronger defence innovation ecosystem throughout the EU. EUDIS aims to lower entry barriers into the defence domain for smaller players and innovators, focusing on technological readiness and market maturity. Two of the implementing measures under the EUDIS are the Business Accelerator (BA) and Matchmaking (MM), the EUDIS BAMM. The yearly budget of these measures will be confirmed through annual EDF Work Programmes, which are published on the Commission’s website. EDF Work Programme 2024 includes the procurement of a Business Accelerator and Matchmaking.



Publication date
27 May 2024