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Defence Industry and Space
News article25 October 2023

ASAP: First calls for proposals



On 18 October 2023, the Commission intensifies its support to the European defence industry with the adoption of the Work Programme foreseen the Regulation on supporting Ammunition Production (ASAP) for 2023-2025. ASAP will allocate €500 million to the support of investment projects worth up to €1.4 billion, thereby incentivising the ramp-up of ammunition and missiles production in the European Union.

For the first time ever, the Commission is publishing five calls for proposals to select and fund projects improving European production capacities of defence products and supporting the resilience of the related supply chains. ASAP will address bottlenecks throughout the supply chains of ammunition and missiles in the EU and Norway, by supporting industry to rapidly adjust to new market trends and reduce dependencies.


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Publication date
25 October 2023