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Defence Industry and Space

Supporting "Europe Fit for the Digital Age"

I want Europe to strive for more by grasping the opportunities from the digital age within safe and ethical boundaries

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

The EU Space ecosystem: Galileo and Copernicus

EU Space as an enabler of digital innovation

Modern and well-functioning EU space-enabled services to support the Union’s political priorities

DG DEFIS will also see the introduction of two new components of the EU space programme, Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and GOVSATCOM. The secure satellite communication service of GOVSATCOM will be used in the areas of crisis management, border management, support to maritime or military specific operations and support to the management of key infrastructures. Under SSA the existing Space Surveillance and Tracking service will continue, and will be complemented by a Space Weather Service (SWE) and a service related warnings for Near Earth Objects (NEO).

In combination, the Union will be in the unique position to be able to provide space enabled services in all three main space domains: Earth observation, satellite navigation, and with GOVSATCOM, also in satellite communications. With the SSA, the Union also has an increasingly autonomous way to monitor and protects its space assets. This is a major and tangible contribution to the strategic autonomy and resilience of the Union.

With support from the Foreign Policy Instrument (FPI) DG DEFIS will launch a Global Action on international outreach activities covering the period 2021-2023 to support space diplomacy and market uptake activities in strategically important international markets, opening new opportunities for the EU space industry and technology providers..




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