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News article25 April 2023

Pact for Skills: Launch of large-scale Skills Partnership in the space sector

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large-scale Skills Partnership for the space sector dedicated to data, services and applications has been launched with the support of the Commission. It aims to empower workers with the skills needed for the development of future innovations and to achieve the aims of the EU's Space Strategy for Security and Defence.

In particular, the partnership will promote the collaboration between the space industry, training centres, academia and other partners; attract young professionals; develop new and existing regional initiatives and contribute to other training programmes, such as the Copernicus Academies, Copernicus Relays and other activities performed under the CASSINI initiative. This new partnership complements the existing Skills Partnership on aerospace and defence.

The EU's vibrant space economy for earth observation and positioning, navigation and timing accounted for around €40 billion in 2021. With the increasing need to develop space-based solutions for various industrial sectors, the space downstream market is expected to double in size and reach revenues of over €80 billion by 2030.

Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, said: “Skills and talents are a must to ensure the long-term leadership, innovation and competitiveness of our space industry. I welcome this new Skills Partnership which will help to match industry needs with education and training input and increase the availability of experts in the space sector.”

Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, said: “The launch of the large-scale Skills Partnership on space services, data, and applications will strengthen Europe's leadership in the space sector. It will ensure the resilience and competitiveness of this vibrant sector that serves numerous Union policy priorities and a wide range of industrial needs.”

Following commitments in other economic ecosystems, this 17th Skills Partnership is a concrete implementation of the Pact for Skills, a flagship initiative under the European Skills Agenda. It contributes to the European Year of Skills and to the EU headline target that by 2030, at least 60% of all adults should participate in training every year.


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25 April 2023 (Last updated on: 28 April 2023)