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Defence Industry and Space
News article29 March 2022

New CASSINI Matchmaking initiative is boosting space-related businesses in Europe


The CASSINI Matchmaking initiative is kickstarting new business opportunities for space-related markets in Europe with tailored matchmaking events for companies to expand their professional networks and find new partners, customers, and investors.

The CASSINI Matchmaking initiative offers different tailored matchmaking opportunities to boost entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and investments in space-related businesses across the EU. Companies benefit from getting connected to key industry players and investors. Participating corporate and institutional organisations are presented with preselected startups, scaleups and SMEs that can help them innovate and achieve their development goals. A selection of space-related, high-performing startups are brought in contact with investors interested in cutting edge technology. To make sure that companies are prepared to pitch to investors, the CASSINI Matchmaking team will deliver trainings and educational sessions.

Are you interested in joining? 

We invite you to our Kick-off event on the 8th of April 2022. Register and access the event here:

Key element of the two-year agenda are 20 matchmaking events split in two editions, ten events per year, and a broad geographical spread. To guarantee the greatest effect and get the best results, each batch will be focused on specific topics, meaning companies and their corporate and investor matches will be connected through several industry fields, covering different business areas and addressing different value chains.

The first ten matchmaking events in 2022 will focus on four topics:

  •  ‘Infrastructure lifecycle support’ targets companies specialising in space services supporting infrastructure such as wind turbines, train tracks, buildings or pipelines.
  • ‘Defending & Securing from (and in) Space’ is looking for businesses involved in critical assets for defence and security operations like positioning and navigation or internet communication via satellite.
  • CASSINI Matchmaking will address topics affecting consumers’ day-to-day lives, such as using satellite data to monitor human health, developing education tools or innovative gaming applications in the topic ‘Space for human well-being, education, and entertainment’.
  • Lastly, ‘Improving access to Space’ covers hardware and software solutions to support launch systems and facilitate the delivery of spacecraft in orbit.

For the next batch starting in spring 2023, CASSINI Matchmaking will be looking for companies and partners in the fields of:

  • ‘Smart Logistics and Transportation’,
  • ‘Smart Cities and Urban Mobility enabled by Space solutions’,
  • ‘Managing and protecting Earth’s resources from Space’
  • ‘Next-gen spacecraft systems manufacturing and operations’.

Find out more about CASSINI Matchmaking here:



Publication date
29 March 2022