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CASSINI - Prizes and Competitions

CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring

Europe-wide CASSINI Hackathons are a major opportunity to develop ideas for a digital application building on space data, including satellite images and positioning services. They are particularly addressed to students, graduates, researchers and teams/start-ups in their very early stages.  Each hackaton takes place simultaneously in ten European cities and the local organisers will offer everything you need to form a great team, learn about accessing space data, identifying customer needs, and start working on your digital solution.

One winner from each of the ten locations will proceed to the pitching finals, and the three best teams will win attractive prizes, including six months of qualified mentoring from the best space-business coaches in Europe. There will also be plenty of prizes offered by sponsors to the participants in each of the ten locations.

The next CASSINI Hackathon takes place in May 2022 with sustainable tourism and space infrastructure as the theme. Apply here 


CASSINI myEUspace Competition

A space competition to support the development of innovative commercial solutions - such as mobile apps or hardware-based solutions - that are leveraging EU Space data from the Galileo positioning system and Copernicus Earth Observation images. It offers the chance to win prizes from a €1 million prize pool, and get qualified mentoring to develop digital application or physical product.  

Organized by EUSPA  Apply here.  



The objective of the CASSINI Prizes is to develop close-to-market digital applications based on European space data, including satellite images, positioning services and other sources and to demonstrate solutions to tackle global environmental and societal challenges. The prizes require both state-of the-art technology and a convincing business concept. The best proposals will present their prototypes on the spot and get the chance to compete for a sizeable monetary prize. Terms and conditions apply. More information and complete rules of competition.

EUSPA publication of CASSINI Prizes


CASSINI In-Orbit Demonstration

To get market validation, space technology component, product or system needs to be tested in real space conditions and obtain flight heritage. This is the objective of the European Union’s In-Orbit Demonstration and Validation (IOD/IOV).

More information here