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STM stakeholder mechanism

Safeguarding space operations

Why is this relevant?

The Joint Communication of the Commission and the High Representative (HR) sets out an ‘EU Approach for Space Traffic Management (STM)’. The rapidly increasing numbers of space actors, space activities and space objects resulting in further space debris call for action.

To respond to this call, the EU proposes to identify needs, aggregate requirements, synthesise stakeholder views, leverage technology and coordinate external engagement. The EU approach on STM therefore builds on four parallel avenues: (1) assessing civilian and military STM requirements and impacts for EU space operators, (2) enhancing EU operational capabilities to support STM, (3) fostering STM regulatory aspects, and (4) promoting the EU STM approach at the international level.

Along these four avenues, the Joint Communication proposes ten actions to tackle the global challenge of agreeing on and managing traffic in space. Several of these actions call for fora in which experts and specialists develop together with the Commission, the HR and other EU and European bodies commonly agreed solutions to some aspects of STM.

Mirroring the four avenues of the Joint Communication, the Stakeholder Mechanism on Space Traffic Management brings together the fora called for in the Joint Communication into one comprehensive structure. The STM stakeholder mechanism therefore consists of one main group and four subgroups which will meet on a regular basis to gather their input, ideas, and contributions.


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