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Copernicus and Public Health

There is growing quantitative evidence that the air we breathe, the temperatures or humidity that we experience and a number of other environmental factors are important factors in our health and well-being. 

Over the past five years Copernicus has been providing an unprecedented amount of environmental data about the past, the present and the next days to months as well as the future in the form of climate projections. This data covers the entire globe and generally combines satellite and non-satellite observations as well as numerical models to provide robust and regularly updated information for users in the well-being and health sector. Copernicus data has been used in particular since the onset of the COVID pandemic as an important source of data for supporting epidemiological research. 

This workshop will be organised into four sessions discussing the following specific topics 

  • Copernicus and COVID
  • Extreme temperatures and health
  • Air quality and health
  • Weather/climate sensitive diseases

For each session, speakers from key European or international entities will set the scene before opening on a panel discussion about how to maximise use of Copernicus data for the benefit of public and private users in the health sector. The panels will also identify currently outstanding needs and requirements, which can inform the future development of the Copernicus programme.


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