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Defence Industry and Space
News article7 June 20241 min read

Commission launches transition pathway for a resilient, sustainable and digital aerospace industrial ecosystem


Today, the European Commission published the transition pathway for the aerospace ecosystem at the occasion of the ILA Air Show in Berlin. The transition pathway is a dynamic roadmap to support the green and digital transition of the aerospace ecosystem, as well as to improve its resilience and competitiveness. 

 This is the result of an intensive co-creation process that involved a wide range of stakeholders from industry, EU Member States, research institutes, academia, and citizens. The pathway contains 53 identified priority actions, addressing issues like sustainable competitiveness, robust regulation, modern infrastructure, skills development, and investment funding, while also focusing on the social dimension and innovation.  The actions can be either short-term and launched immediately, medium-term (to be launched by 2030) or long-term (to be launched by 2040). 

The aerospace ecosystem’s stakeholders will be invited in the next weeks to propose commitments to turn the pathway into reality, with the Commission’s support and cooperation. In preparation for the pathway, the Commission published in July 2023 a staff working document titled ‘For a resilient, sustainable and digital aerospace and defence industrial ecosystem: Scenarios for a transition pathway’.  By advancing in its green and digital transformation and becoming more sustainable, the aerospace industry will maximise its impact to ensure economic stability and contribute to a competitive and resilient EU single market. A factsheet and more information on the Transition pathway is available here 


Publication date
7 June 2024