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CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship initiative - Access to finance

Access to finance
CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship initiative

Access to Finance

Enabling many more space companies to raise risk capital – that is the objective of the CASSINI Facility. It provides capital to VC funds to be invested into EU-based companies developing and marketing space technology and digital services using space data. While new entrants in the space sector previously found it challenging to raise capital, CASSINI Facility will be a game changer.


For Family Offices interested in space investment:

If you want to learn more about market growth, conditions, technology development, and business models, the European Commission, EIF, ESA, and EUSPA offer a series of workshops tailored to your needs. The program aims to enhance the skills and investment methodologies of private investment funds that wish to focus on various segments of the space market.

By participating in these workshops, you will gain access to:

  • Expert knowledge and insights into the space industry.
  • Information about market trends and growth opportunities.
  • Updates on technological advancements in the sector.
  • Guidance on investment strategies and business models.

2 stand-alone webinar available on Sep 28 and Dec 7, from 9.00 to 11.00 (UTC+02.00)

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For companies seeking investments:

The list of venture capital funds operating with an EU investment guarantee for space investments will grow considerably when InvestEU is launched in 2022. The current list is found here (to be updated continuously):

Primo Space 

Orbital Ventures/Promus Ventures 

Vsquared Ventures

UnternehmerTUM VC/UVC Partners


For companies seeking business loans and EIB loans:

The list of private banks and national promotional banks operating with an EU loan guarantee is found here.

EIB provides larger-size loans with EU loan guarantees for SMEs, mid-caps and large corporations.

Euronext Helios Space Index